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Asset Protection

The business activity is always risk. Nowadays, many are the factors that influence the behavior of wealth that is difficult to overcome the threat of loss without there being a special strategy that considers the risk to protection priorities.

Advances in science, technology and its social consequences have a decisive pressure on the company. Privacy loss of business information and partners is something that contributes to increased uncertainty.

Asset Protection services of Lazaro Consulting has as purpose to protect the assets already conquered by partners and shareholders while also protecting their families in adverse situations and business risks, such as:


  • Electronic liens values;
  • Embarrassment properties (arrest, kidnapping and liens);
  • Lawsuits, including tax foreclosure proceedings and labor;
  • Configuration acts as fraud;
  • Execution by the anticipated unmaking of assets;
  • Undesirable succession of business and assets, preventing the squandering of assets due to litigation.


The succession and tax planning is also very important in the corporate restructuring process.

Face of the risks, in some cases, it is recommended national and international structures that Lazaro Consulting can implement the project.

However, the reorganization should be analyzed for the particular case, respecting the particularities of business activity, the partners involved and heritage.

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