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Fund Services - Investment Funds - Support Services

We provide support services to investment funds with the objective of search, selection and analysis of investments.

Within the scope of services we can highlight:


  • The research potential enterprises;
  • Selection of candidate companies through an objective risk analysis and business potential, as well as fiscal support, corporate, accounting, labor and other aspects throughout the negotiation process;
  • Pre-Due Diligence: Before seeking an investor it is important to the entrepreneur to be aware of the real situation of your company and your business. No one better than him to know their strengths and weaknesses. If the entrepreneur has doubts about the existence of liabilities, it is interesting performing a pre Due Diligence by the entrepreneur himself. The Pre Due Diligence will identify acts, facts and procedures that are not in accordance with applicable laws - and there are many laws, rest assured, related to the organization of documents in general, no payment or performance of obrigações-, and suggest corrective measures and guidelines for anticipating and preventing a risk. Obviously startups with high liabilities will be unattractive to investors. Well, with the house tidy and / or aware of the current condition of your business, the entrepreneur is prepared for the meeting with a potential investor;
  • Valuation: Trading in investment conditions include the legal discussion of the terms of business and financial discussion on the value of the company, also called valuation. In practice, this term, in English, means "business valuation". It is a process which aims to estimate how much a company is worth, determine its fair price and the return to be achieved with an investment in its shares. In practice there are various forms of assessment. The most common are the present value of future cash flows, multiples of the value of the company or the value of assets;
  • Due Diligence: thorough check of all company information, especially the risks involved, especially the legal and economic-financial, that support business sustainability;
  • BI - Business Intelligence: Survey of all information about company activities, the group of companies, partners and people involved in Brazil and abroad; and
  • Fraud Audit: identification, analysis and preventive or corrective guidance in fraud situations.


Our goal is to provide funds, either in form or in Seed Capital Venture Capital and Private Equity forms the necessary support for the success of the investment.

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