Indirect Tax

In today's economy, indirect taxes and social contributions account for most companies an important weight often overlooked. World governments are used in indirect taxes as a major source of revenue for this, establish strict controls and constant updates of all standards.

Moreover, as transactions become more complex operating not only locally but around the world, the need to address the indirect taxes and contributions is crucial to business success.

The Brazil operates a complex system of indirect taxes that could jeopardize up to 50% of its revenue.

How can a company achieve success, expand their operations, export and import goods while spending time and resources to always comply with the changes and requirements of tax law? The Lazaro Consulting can help these companies to formulate, implement and manage indirect taxes levied on their activities. Our team is experienced and expert in national and international taxation.

We provide assistance through the work of Indirect Tax, identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes throughout its operation, helping you meet your tax obligations in accordance with the rules and meet your local business objectives and all around the world.

We provide effective processes to help improve their internal communication, reducing attribution errors, reducing costs and ensuring that all these taxes are treated properly.


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