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Mergers & Acquisitions Tax


Before an investment, an acquisition or disposal of a business, a merger, an interest in a joint venture, planning an IPO operation or Public to Private, corporate restructuring, disinvestment, a review of incentive plans for Management or a debt refinancing, risks and tax breaks should be managed and maximized cash flow.

The definition of a tax strategy at an early stage of a potential transaction adds significant value by minimizing the associated fiscal costs of sustainable management in the long run the tax burden and cash flows and efficient management of the fiscal impact of a potential future scenario of alienation.

How can we help you?

We help our clients at any stage of investment or disinvestment cycle, including through:


  • tax structuring of transactions;
  • conducting buy-side due diligence, vendor due diligence and vendor assistance;
  • structuring of alternative purchase or sale tax efficient;
  • establishment and management of fiscal risks arising from a sale, acquisition or restructuring;
  • fiscal support in the negotiation and review of purchase and sale agreements;
  • support in the implementation of tax efficient solutions adopted after the completion of the acquisition and monitoring of its impact;
  • tax structuring and monitoring of corporate restructuring operations;
  • preparation of the company's activity or group to maximize returns arising from the divestment.


See the explanation of services below:

1. Buy-side:
1.1. Tax efficiency of the acquisition structure;
1.2. Financing alternatives;
1.3. Understanding the motivations and impediments of the seller;
1.4. Due diligence;
1.5. Post-closing - reorganization and integration; and
1.6. Analysis of transaction costs.
2. Self-side:
2.1. Reducing the tax impact of the sale;
2.2. Data room preparation;
2.3. Spin off; and
2.4. Transaction cost analysis.

3. Tax planning strategies:
3.1. Implementation of reorganization of internal operations;
3.2. Strategies to maximize tax efficiency; and
3.3. Monitoring contingencies and escrow account.


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