Tax Advisory

We support clients in the day-to-day, namely the taxation of its current operations and its ancillary obligations, through a proactive identification of contingencies, solutions and opportunities.


Review procedures

Work on the revision of procedures are essential to evaluate the procedures adopted are in conformity with applicable law, allowing, if applicable, its anticipated correction. The review can also assess whether taxes and contributions are being handled efficiently, enabling the identification of possible opportunities of Tax Benefit.


Projects optimization

Not uncommon sometimes taxes are treated properly, but inefficient, ending the project for supporting tax amounts (taxes, contributions, etc ..) in excess, increasing the cost of its operations. The Lazaro Consulting supports its clients in analyzing the tax treatment given to its operations, so that taxes are handled correctly and efficiently.


Structuring operations

We support clients in structuring their operations by providing the necessary assistance to enforcement, without neglecting the maximization of their tax efficiency. In the context of Group also support the customers in optimizing their cash flows, together, where applicable, with the most favorable interpretation of the transfer pricing rules and tax protection, specifically applicable.


Tax Advisory services of Lazaro Consulting also involve:

  • Permanent tax advice aimed at proper calculation of taxes and resolution of any questions of fiscal area (response to consultation and advice);
  • Analysis of operations, activities, products, services or specific issues, with the purpose of identifying risks, alternatives, reductions, economies and tax implications and, if appropriate, correction of the procedures adopted;
  • Review of the procedures in the assessment and tax payments;
  • Corporate restructuring and corporate group restructuring plan (spin-off, merger, consolidation, creation of holding, etc ...);
  • Advice on tax, industry, state and local benefits as well as special arrangements for feasibility study or voluntary disclosure;
  • Tax Analysis of supply contracts, verification and correction of tax procedures adopted in each project;
  • Verification and analysis of tax levied on goods and services; and
  • Verification and analysis of the correct application of state and interstate tax substitution schemes, immunities, exemptions and reductions bases.


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