Tax Recovery

The Tax Recovery services are designed to increase the efficiency of the recovery process, compensation and restitution of taxes, as well as management costs and compliance requirements (risk reduction) with the rules.

Recovery of taxes levied on sales and adequacy to the requirements on tax returns are processes necessary but that should not interfere with the operation of your business. These procedures should be part of a routine to speed up the reduction of taxes on the operation, increasing efficiency and reducing costs and risks. The Tax Recovery Team Lazaro Consulting can help you.

Our Tax Recovery team checking for inaccurate or unduly tax payments will add corrective procedures in full compliance with the rules (Compliance Review).
How our Tax Recovery assessment team can help your business?

We will create a project team led by a senior tax professional with specific knowledge of their activity. After gathering a service group tailored to your business, we will begin our recovery process of four phases:
• a) Data collection;

• b) analysis;

• c) Report; and

• d) Recovery. 


During data collection, our senior professional manages all data extracts and provides step-by-step specific specific to its financial system and database.

The stages of analysis and reporting involves the quantification and verification of possible opportunities that we have identified with the help of the data collection phase and our understanding of your organization.

Full recovery process with the procedures for use of established taxes.

We believe that companies should receive tax advice from professionals who understand your business and are responsible for any advice made, no matter how small the issue is at first sight.


Please contact one of our Tax Recovery professionals.